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Beretta Web - Awesome Beretta Model SO6EELL Frame

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SO6 EELL Sidelock: Over-Under Artistry
The SO6 EELL is a shotgun for connoisseurs--as well as for the most dedicated upland hunter and clay shooter. This true sidelock has a low-profile receiver that is is graceful and slender, with a vault-like cross-bolt locking system designed for generations of use.
The action also carries the centuries-old artistic pride of Northern Italian master engravers: an uninterrupted living tradition with its roots in the Renaissance and beyond. But in the SO6 EELL, the art does not stop at what is visible. Every inch of over-under has been optimized for looks, performance and durability, the three pillars that make a legacy-quality gun and that coexist in the SO6 EELL to the highest degree
Engraved Low-Profile Sidelock Action
Beretta remains unique among big manufacturers in its capability to conserve and continue the time-honored skills of master artisans. In the SO6 EELL, these skills are immediately tangible in the quality of the sidelock action. To the ouside, this is embellished with over one hundred hours of the finest hand engraving and it is personally signed by the master.

A variety of sophisticated scenes and styles can be executed to suit personal tastes and requirements, from floral motifs to traditional game scenes, exotic subjects, fine English scrolls, mythological scenes, portraits, gold-inlays or whatever suits the owner’s preferences. To the inside, the sidelock action offers a simple, safe and reliable mechanism legendary for its crisp trigger pull and fast lock times (selective or non-selective trigger available).
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