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THE BERETTA ' 70 ' Series



The BERETTA 70 " SERIES, designed on the production experiences of more than ten millions of guns, is based on the classic features* of the BERETTA 1935 pistol, world renowned for over a quarter of a century.

The BERETTA " 70 " SERIES takes advantage of the newest steel alloys and the most advanced engineering techniques.

The functioning is based on case projection of blow back action.

The BERETTA " 70 " Series is manufactured both in the calibres 7.65 (.32), ,380 Auto and .22 L. R.




INCREASED ACCURACY OF FIRE - The barrel guide, fitting the barrel into the receiver, has been lengthened almost equalling that of the Beretta 01ympic target pistol. This definitely increases the accuracy of fire at both short and long ranges.

HIGH SPEED THUMB SAFETY - At last it has been possible to design a completely satisfactory safety lever, blocking both hammer and sear when the pistol is at full cock.
The safety may be applied (UP) or released (DOWN) with lightening speed pushing the lever up or down with the side of the thumb.

CRISP TRIGGER PULL - An improved sear release mechanism, utilizing new steel alloys, ensures a crisper and smoother trigger pull for more precise shooting.

SPEEDY MAGAZINE RELEASE - New Beretta push button magazine release facilitates high speed insertion and extraction of the magazine.

SUPERIOR POINTABILITY - The slanted pistol grip provides easier aiming. Newly designed stocks are both easier and faster to grip. Cartridges now enter the chamber with reduced loading angi e.

EXCLUSIVE SIMPLIFIED TAKEDOWN (See photographs of field strip sequences).