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BERETTA 80 Serie

Great Style


The series 81 Beretta pistols are semiautomatic firearms designed for personal defense, military and police use and shooting practice. The great lire capacity combined with flawless reliability and anatomical functional features make of these pistols the most modern in their class.

DOUBLE AGTION: the double action offers the advantages of the revolver. In the rare instance of misfire due to a faulty primer, it is sufficient to pull the trigger again Io repeat percussion on the same cartridge and fire the round.
MANUAL SAFETY: the manual satiety breaks the connection between the trigger and the sear and locks the slide in closed position (A).
First photo: the firing pin is still blocked by the firing pin catch, the firing pin catch lever having not yet been moved by the trigger.
Second photo: the rearward pull on the trigger has moved the firing pin catch lever with the consequent freeing of the firing pin and has produced the discharge of the hammer.
CHAMBER LOADED INDICATOR (mod. 87BB excluded):when there is a cartridge in the chamber, the upper surface of the extractor protrudes and shows red. In the dark the protrusion can be felt by touch Il is never necessary to work the slide to see whether the barrel is loaded (B)

DISASSEMBLY DEVICE: the disassembly device is designed in such a way as to allow an extremity quick and simple disassembly of the pistol and also lo avoid casual or involuntary disassembly,
Disassembly is very easy: remove the magazine by pressing the disassembly latch release button, rotate the disassembling latch anticlockwise until it stops, The slide barrel assembly with recoil spring and spring guide can now be pulled forward, detached from the frame and consequently disassembled into its component parts.

81BB 12 rds
- 82BB 9 rds
84BB 13 rds -
85BB 8 rds

The staggered magazine of the 81BB / 84BB pistols, with the same length as a traditional magazine, almost doubles the capacity of fine. On the other hand, the single line magazine of the 82BB / 85BB / 87BB pistols allows for reduced overall dimension.


AUTOMATIC FIRING PIN SAFETY. when the trigger is not pulled completely back, a blocking device secures the firing pin and prevents it from moving forward, even if the weapon should fall muzzle down.

SLIDE CATCH: when the last round has been fired, the slide remains open thus signaling that the magazine is empty To fire again, remove the empty magazine and insert a loaded one, simply press the slide catch to close the slide and to load the chamber

DOUBLE SIDED SAFETY LEVER: allows easier and quicker handling also by left handed shooters.

REVERSIBLE MAGAZINE RELEASE BUTTON (mod. 81BB / 84BB only): can easily be assembled on the right side of the grip, to allow easy handling by left handed shooters.

GROOVED FRAME: the front and back sides of the grip are longitudinally grooved to insure a firm hold even with wet hands or under conditions of rapid, unaided fire.