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BERETTA cal. Model 80 Olimpionica



The Mod. 80 for its outstanding original design and superb performance is idea[ for those shooters who want the finest target pistol. A proved performer in match competition. Every component of this new pistol is made of some specially selected steel and it is an absolute fact that we have based our selection on considerations of quality and suitability without regard Io cost.

Exclusive features:

- super balance,
- perfect grip with 32* slant for improved point ability. The perfectly formed grip makes for steadiness and control in sighting which cannot be equaled,
- adjustable sliding balancing weight,
- smooth trigger pull adjustable by a special screw,
- featherweight bolt and muzzle brake to reduce recoil,
- action of unusual reliability and great strength,
- after the last shot the bolt automatically remains open so that the empty magazine may be
withdrawn with ease,
- internal mechanism developed Io completely eliminate all possibility of breakage in the
working parts, extremely close tolerances,
- rear sight with click adjustments for wind age and elevation mounted on the rigid
barrel receiver balancing weight sleeve assembly to remain permanently aligned with the
front sight. (Front sight le removable). This exclusive feature contributes to sustained
- every aspect of fitting controlled in a manner which results in the highest possible degree
of accuracy.

From the First Serial Number "105" Year 1962 - To the Last "1230" Year 1977




- overall length : mm 305
- height : mm 132
- width : mm 49
- length of barrel : mm 170
- weight of pistol with empty magazine : gr 1050
- capacity of magazine : 6 rounds
- weight of magazine : gr 50