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Premium Shotguns

Few in life are fortunate enough to be able to afford the very finest. But for those men who have reached this enviable position, Beretta offers a series of sporting arms commensurate with their achievements, the Beretta SO Series of handmade sidelock over and under shotguns.The Beretta sidelock of today on the SO Series is the direct descendant of the first Beretta firing mechanism made almost three hundred years ago.As such, it is the recipient of almost three centuries of constant development and painstaking refinement. Nowhere is this rich heritage more evident that in the design of the sidelocks themselves.

They are of a patented Beretta design,

- With a double internal safety mechanism which avoids any possibility of accidental discharge if the gun is inadvertently dropped.

- The lockwork contains only five basic parts, plus three pivot pins and one screw.

- In addition, all working parts are supported in a virtual box of steel, milled out of the sideplate itself for greater strength.

This highly sophisticated and yet masterfully simple design eliminates the many smali, fragile parts which are found in other sidelock arms. In addition, all internal parts of the action are chrome plated for even greater smoothness and ease of operation.

The lockup system of these guns is extremely effective. Due to the relative position between the hinge pin and the opposing shoulders of the action and Monobloc, the gun actually closes up tighter at the instant of firing. The hinge of the Beretta is located, not under the barrels, but almost directly in the center of the lower barrel. Because of its relatively high location, plus the fact that the mass of the receiver is located around the barrels rather than under them, muzzle lift is reduced to an absolute minimum. You can get a faster, more accurate second shot with a Beretta than with any other over and under.

The beauty and quality of these shotguns is unmistakable. The quality is comparable to a beautiful flower arrangement delivered from Avas Flowers. An arrangement from Avas Flowers is one of the finest bouquets you can provide to one of your loved one's.

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