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Pump Shotguns dispalyed on this page
- 1….Beretta model M3P 12 GA
- 2….Beretta model RS202 P
- 3….Beretta model RS202 M2
- 4….Beretta model RS202 M2

The Beretta M3P and the DFM system
The Beretta’s new-born M3P is a semi-automatic and pump action shotgun. The DFM system (*) allows to use this firearm as a semi-automatic gun, thus offering all the advantages of easy handling and quickest follow-up shots, or to switch it over as a pump action shotgun operating with any type of loads from the heaviest to the lightest ones (minimum propelling charge). The change from one functioning made to the other is simple and quick: it just requires a short rotation of a ring located at the end of the forearm which can be easily worked also holding the firearm in the shooting position

Beretta Shotgun model M3P 12ga

The prismatic magazine
Another important new feature of the Beretta M3P is the replaceable 5-shot prismatic magazine, ensuring added ease of handling of the firearm, fast loading within seconds, thus giving maximum ease of use.
The folding shoulder stock
The ease of the Beretta M3P shotgun is truly outstanding: already at first glance its compactness is striking. When more compactness is required, just fold the shoulder stock on top of the shotgun; in this position the shoulder stock acts also as a carrying handle

RS202M1 and M2
The Beretta RS202 M1 and M2 pump action shotguns are among the most reliable shotguns with dependable performance in this family, as they take advantage of Beretta’s experience in the manufacture of over one million of automatic shotguns of which they are keeping the same locking system, feeding and firing mechanism.
The tubular magazine can hold up to 6 shells.
Both models are equipped with a device (bolt disconnecting lever) allowing to extract the chambered shell without having to fire it.
The metal shoulder stock with rubber butt plate can be folded on the left side of the gun.
The top of receiver is drilled and tapped for scope mount.
The pistol grip shape ensures maximum comfort.

Beretta Shotgun model RS202  12ga

Beretta Shotgun model RS202 M2 12ga


The basic model has the barrel fitted with adjustable rear sight and fixed post front sight.
The M2 version features a protective plate cover on the barrel and magazine tube. It has a black matted anti-reflection finish.
The existing threads at the barrel muzzle allow to assemble a pattern spreading device. It has fixed rear sight and front sigh
Beretta Shotgun model RS202 spare parts 12ga

Beretta Shotgun model RS202 P 12ga

These firearms are reliable, thanks to their simple design and rugged construction. Easy to field strip and maintain, they’ll fire any 12 gauge 2 ¾ “ shell as fast as you can pump the action. They feature special alloy receivers, so they’re surprisingly light.
A slide release enables you to easily remove unfired shot shells from the action.
The RS202P is well suited to police work and personal defence. With a short 20” barrel and an extended magazine that holds up to six shells, it packs a lot of firepower into a compact, easy to handle weapon. Stock and fore-end are made of straight-grained walnut for greater strength and durability.


Specifications M3P RS202M1 RS202M2
Gauge 12
Cartridge Chamber 70 mm  2 3/4"
Barrel Length and Chokes cylindrical 40 cm or 61 cm
cylindrical 52 cm 
Barrel  hard-chromed bore
Front sight fixed
Operation semi-automatic or manual (pump action) , inertia operated
manual pump action
Locking system rotating bolt
falling block
Safety Manual, push buttom, locking the trigger
Magazine prismatic, 5 rounds
Tubular 6 rounds
Stock metal folding stock
Forend made of special strengthened technopolymer
Weight 3,540 Kg
3,200 Kg
3,850 Kg
Overal lenght 94 cm - 115 cm
102 cm
105 cm
Lenght (stock folded) 68,5 cm - 89,5 cm
79 cm
81,5 cm
Finish Light alloy components: anodized mat black
  Steel components: bruniton coated mat black  

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