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Beretta Web - Beretta Submachine Gun model PM12S2

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Beretta Model PM12S2

PM 12 S2.
The Beretta PM 12 S2 sub machine gun is a 9 mm x 19 NATO blowback firearm which has both semi automatic and full automatic fire capabilities.

Telescopic Bolt.
The telescopic bolt, which encloses the barrel (200 mm Long) for three quarters of its length, makes the firearm very compact and reduces to a minimum the upward movement of the muzzle during firing. The front grip, the magazine housing, the trigger guard with firing device and manual and automatic safety devices are all in a one piece assembly and are integral part of the receiver. This gives solidity to the firearm and ensures good performance over the years. Longitudinal grooves along the whole length of the receiver allow excellent sliding of the bolt even in the extremely adverse conditions (fall of the gun in mud and exposure to dust and sand).

The PM12 S2's sturdiness and its total reliability in different latitudes can easily be seen in the general structure of the gun and in the dimensions of its component parts, as also in the extreme simplicity of design and assembly. The Beretta PM 12 S2 is a NATO qualified sub machine gun for ammunition interchange ability test.

  Beretta Submachine Gun model PM12S2 main parts  

Manual and Automatic Safety, Cocking Handle Safety.
The selector device allows for an easy selection of three positions, namely: "manual safety" (S), "single shot” (1), "full automatic fire" (R), without any need for removing the hand from the grip. The automatic safety, which locks the trigger and the bolt in its closed position, safeguards from accidental firing if the gun is dropped and precludes firing if the grip is not firmly held.
The safety on the cocking handle blocks the bolt in case this is not fully retracted, thus preventing an accidental discharge.
The fixed firing pin can strike the primer only when the cartridge is fully chambered, avoiding accidental firing, since the gun fires from the "open bolt' position.

Beretta Submachine gun model 12 front grip .... Beretta Submachine gun model 12 trigger, selector, safety trigger ....Beretta Submachine gun model 12 rear sight
Cocking Handle Safety ...............Firing Mode Selector/Safety ..................Diopter Rear Sight....

Beretta Submachine gun model 12 with silencer

PM 12 S2 with Silencer

Precise, Safe, Reliable.
The front sight, adjustable in elevation and windage, and rear sight with 100m or 200m flip aperture allow accurate aimed fire and are well protected from impacts. The sturdy folding butt can be safety locked in the "open" position. When folded, the butt runs along the side of the receiver in the most practical position. The exterior surfaces of the firearm, finished (after phosphate treatment) with epoxy resin coating, guarantee the best possible protection against corrosion and maximum resistance to wear and abrasions.

Caliber 9mm x 19 NATO
Operation Blowback; lt fires from the open bolt position
Firing mode Single shot (1) or fully automatic fire (R)
Magazine 32 rounds
Safeties Manual which blocks the trigger through the automatic safety;
  automatic on the rear grip which immobilizes the trigger and
  blocks the bolt in a closed position; on the cocking handie
  locking the bolt in case of non-sufficient bolt retracting
Overall length 657 mm
Length, wIth folded butt 418 mm
Barrel lenght 200 mm
Sight radius 285 mm
Height (without magazine) 180 mm
Height (with magazine) 242 mm
Weight (with empty magazine) approx. 3.480 kg
Welght (with full magazine) approx. 3.820 kg
Barrel, Rifling and Pitch Inside chromium-plated. R.H. 6 grooves,
  pitch 250 mm
Rear-sight 2 positions flip aperture (up to 100 m and up to 200 m)
Front-sight Adjustable for elevation and windage
Cyclic rate of fire approx. 550 rounds per minute

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Beretta Submachine gun model 12 dimensions
Beretta Submachine gun model 12 dimension




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