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MAB Moschetti Automatici Beretta

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The MAB 38 (Moschetto Automatico Beretta Modello 1938), Modello 38, or Model 38 and its variants were a series of official submachine guns of the Royal Italian Army introduced in 1938 and used during World War II. The guns were also used by the German, Romanian, and Argentine armies of the time. See also Wikipedia page   
Beretta MAB mod. 38

MAB mod. 38
Probably a prototype made up for the Ministry of Italian Africa.
Expulsion is upwards. The barrel is enclosed in a finned aluminium radiator sleeve. Butt has a separate firing pin driven forward by a cam: when the cam strikes the base of the ejection stud, it is rotated rearward and its top section forces the firing pin forward to strike the cartridge.

Beretta MAB 38 (1)
MAB 38 (1)

One of the first definitive prototypes of the Mod.MAB 38A, it has two separate triggers. Ejection is upwards; folding-rod bayonet is adapted from Mod.91 short rifles.

Beretta MAB 38 A

MAB 38 A

Definitive version that ejects to the left. It has a four-slot compensator, and lacks the bayonet.

Beretta MAB 38/42

MAB 38/42

First version with a heavy barrel.
Made without the barrel jacket, it has a shorter bolt with a fixed firing pin. Barrel is shorter, too.

Beretta MAB 38/44

MAB 38/44

Compared to the Mod.38/42, this arm has a shorter and lighter bolt. Instead of the main operating spring guide and housing found on the Mod.38A and Mod.38/42, there is a larger single spiral main spring.

Beretta MAB 38/49

MAB 38/49

Practically identical to Mod.38/44, this arm has a crossbolt-type safety. Highly successful, it was purchased by many countries.

Beretta MAB 38/49 mod 5

MAB 38/49

Compared to the previous model, this arm has a grip safety located in the finger groove on the stock. This safety must be pushed in-wards when grasping the stock for the weapon to fire.

Beretta PM mod. 3

PM mod. 3

This represent the final stage of the studies started with Mod.1 (based on patent No.40436 of 10.XII.1942). Ejection is to the right.

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