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Caracteristics of Standard 1891 Rifle

Caliber: 6.5x52 - Overall Lenght: 1285 mm - Barrel Lenght: 780 mm - Weight: 3850 gr. - Action System: Carcano M91 - Magazine: Mannlicher - Rounds: 6 - Stock: Single piece in walnut with handguard.

State Military Arsenals in Terni, Roma, Turin, Brescia and Torre Annunziata

MANIFACTURING DATA State Military Arsenals in Terni, Roma, Turin, Brescia and Torre Annunziata (Neaple), Company M.I.D.A. Manifattura Italiana d'Armi Brescia Italy, manufactured about 2 millions guns between 1893 and 1938. During the thirties the Company PIETRO BERETTA Gardone V. T Italy produced some presentation model 1891 rifles in limited quantity.

This rifle is the first of '91

Main features: This rifle is the first of '91 model family of which the various versions were adopted by the Italian Army during the World Wars and later.

It is better known as 'Carcano' from the name of the designer of its bolt, Salvatore Carcano (Varese 1827 1903) technical chief at Turin Arsenal, or even 'Carcano Parravícino' from the name of the General chairman of the mílitary Commission who decided the adoption on 5th March 1892. Anyway the box magazine is derived by a Mannlicher project being the rifle loaded from a retained 6 rounds clip and royalties were paid to the Designer.

The rear sight has a folding leaf adjustable up to 2000 meters on a graduated base. Unparalleled feature of the rifle mod. 91 is the barrel riffling defined “progressive” because of its variable twist: at the chamber it begins with one twist in 578 mm whilst at the muzzle becomes 20 1mm. It is also known a sniper version, provided with telescope, very rare and never officially adopted but used during the IWW.

Markings On the octagonal portion of the barrel are reported:
- production year. It is wholly reported before the IWW and during the Conflict only by two digits. It was stamped again complete after 1922 adding, from 1929, the Fascist date with roman numerals
- the name of the town were located the Arsenal or Factory designation
- Arsenal proof and Inspectors' punches
During the quality control, operated by the Arsenal Inspectors, the more accurate barrels were marked with a special stamp formed by two crossed rifles under a target. This style of marking was maintained during the whole production of the '91 guns.

The serial number XY4 is stamped on the barrel and during the first production even on the bolt. Series are even stamped on the left side of the butt stock together with production or reparation Arsenals emblem.

This rifle is the first of '91 sez

1891 Spare Parts Table






Spare Parts Table

1891 Sniper Version Sniper Version

1891 Carbine Version



Carbine Version

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