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In its extensive assortment of series and articies, which respond to the numerous particularities of hunting methods and to the attitudes of those who practice it, the firm BERETTA thought it necessary to dedicate a particular gun to those who, with the lowest possibie price, have the intention to start or have recently started a hunting activity.

The singie barrei folding shotgun mod. 412 is the gun for those who have reached the first stage of sporting enthusiasm for hunting and who wili practice it at low cost, but with the certainty of possessing a safe gun of sound design and offering amusement and the possibility to increase one's knowledge of problems and questions concerning shooting.

Beretta folding shotgun model 412 basic hunting gun

Beretta folding shotgun model 412 To open the action, simply pull back on the opening lever located forward of the trigger guard

To open the action, simply pull back on the opening lever located forward of the trigger guard.

The mod. 412, because of its extreme simplicity in handling and using, is the ciassical gun for the hunting cabin and for the purpose of introducing the amateur to a serene future of experiences and of maturity in the large and varied field of shooting and hunting.

Manufactured in great series and in only one standardized type, in popular gauges and with adequate lengths of barrels, the hammeriess folding shotgun mod. 412 has reached a goal which can be defined as extraordinarily weli suited for its purpose.

The result is that of having come to make a gun which has ali the specifications of one of high grade, with advantages, quality, safety degree, precision, weight and reduced volume at an extremely low price, which amounts to about a third of the cost of a good but economical sideby side shotgun.

BERETTA is giad to offer the extremely good shotgun mod. 412 at moderate price to the satisfaction of those who practice hunting with modest means but with serene sporting enthusiasm.

Beretta folding shotgun model 412 folded

Mod. 412

Single barrel breech loading folding shotgun. Strongest, safest single shot. Positive cross lock thumb safety built into trigger guard. Barrels made from « High Strength Molybdenum Steel » Chambered for all 2 3/4 inch shells. Walnut or thermoplastic stock. Gauges: 12 - 16 - 20 - 24 - 28 - 32 - 36.

Mod. 413

The same as above but with action body handsomely hand engraved, finished in satin chrome lined barrel. Best grade of selected walnut stock and forearm. Available in : 12 - 16 - 20 - 24 - 28 - 32 - 36 gauge.

Mod. 413 bis

Offers all the features of the 413 model but with frame and parts richly gold plated. Stock and forearm selected from the finest premier quality walnut. A supreme quality single barrel shotgun. Gauges: 12 - 16 - 20 - 24 - 28 - 32 - 36.


Barrel Iength 710 mm (28")
- for 12 gauge (approx.) 2.500 gr
- for 16 gauge (approx.) 2.400 gr
Stock type : semi pistol grip only
Choke : according to gauge from Imp. CyL to Full
Drop at heeI (approx.) 60 mm

Thanks to a follower I looket out and finding the Official Beretta Part List and now is available to everybody, I'm sorry if was not possible to reply directly to him about this discover, but my e-mail box was wipped out from an hacker attack and I lost all my comunications.

Click Here for downloading the PDF file

Beretta 412 spare part list

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