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Beretta A302 all models

All the basic mechanical features of the new Beretta gas-operated shotgun Model A-302 are identical to those of the Models A-300 and A-301, but the A-302 introduces the following important innovations:
- Universal receiver: both Mr. and Standard barrels can be fitted 2 receiver, so that all possible hunting into shooting requirements may be satisfied. Any version of the 4-302 series fitted with a Magnum barrel can fire 76mm. (3 in. All Beretta guns are tested at the Italian Government Proof House at a pressure of 1200 atmospheres.
Cut-off: this lever, when activated, holds the breech-block in open position and prevents the next shell from being  fed into the chamber. This permits extraction or substitution of the chambered shell without the need for prior unloading of the magazine.
- Easy loading and unloading of the magazine: the tube can be readily loaded while a shell is already chambered in the barrel be- cause the latch-catch button need not be de- pressed. Similarly, easy unloading is effected by depressing the shell latch and pushing the latch-catch button rearward, toward the butt.
- Floating sighting ribs: these will gradually substitute the older ventilated type, and will be available in regular or broad widths, according to the purpose of the gun. They will not only facilitate aiming but, together with the new engraving and mounts, enhance the aesthetics of the 4302 line.
The 4-302 automatic shotgun is produced in eight models; for field and competition shooting.
The advantages of the new Beretta automatic shotgun are: the possibility of 'utilizing Standard chamber (23/4 in.) barrels or Magnum chamber (3 in.) barrels on the same receiver.

Beretta A302 Gas Operated Mobilchoke Piston

The advantages of the new Beretta automatic shotgun are:

  • the possibility of 'utilizing Standard chamber (23/4 in.) barrels or Magnum chamber (3 in.) barrels on the same receiver.
  • rapidly interchangeable barrels to allow a large variety of barrel lengths and chokes
  • the possibility of firing cartridges which range from minßimum pressures up to 700 kg/cm', without any kind of adjustment
  • the very high accuracy and stability during fire ensured by a fixed barrel
  • extremely low recoil
  • absence of vibration during firing due to the presence of the recoil spring inside the stock
  • reliable and safe cocking and firing mechanism
  • a special locking mechanism to ensure that the gun can fire only with the bolt completely engaged in the barrel
  • high durability of all components in contact with combustion gasses being made of either stainless or special steel
  • easily adjustable stock drop easy field stripping for cleaning and inspection

Features common to all versions:
- The receiver: forged from a single block of lightweight alloy.
- The barrel: bored from a bar of hardened and tempered nickel-chromium-molybdenum steel, it has a chrome-plated bore and offers the great durability ensured by hydrogen embrittlement relief treatment.
- Floating ribs: these will gradually replace the conventional ventilated ribs.
- Front sights: metal bead for hunting guns with sighting rib, interchangeable fluorescent bead for hunting guns without rib; special fluorescent bead for competition guns.
- Magazine capacity: three, two or one shells, as desired (reduction by means of ap- propriate plugs).
- The stock: of select walnut, hand-checkered; pistol grip with plastic Beretta emblem on bottom flat; plastic butt plate. Standard length 360 mm,; drop variable from 45 to 65 mm. (except on Model A-302 Trap).
A-302 Mobilchoke Beretta's interchangeable choke tubes for the 4-302 are the result of extensive experimentation. They represent the perfect solution to the problem of providing several chokes for a single barrel. Because they are housed in the bore, they line up perfectly with the barrel axis to yield excellent accuracy and consistent patterns. Unlike choke tubes applied as prolongations of the muzzle, the Beretta system does not set up vibrations that could compromise accuracy and pattern.

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