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Beretta Web - Beretta CX4 Storm 9mm, .40S&W and .45ACP SD

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 The Storm Gun Family: model PX4 SD - model PX4 - model Px4 SC - model RX4 - model ARX 160

Marrying the modern, almost futuristic look and the use of light and robust polymeric materials with superior performance, versatility, ergonomics, reliability and safety was not an easy task but the result has now been unveiled. The new Beretta Cx4 Storm semiautomatic carbine, with a particularly captivating aspect and simple to use, is a sporting or personal defence firearm ideal for professional use by police forces. 


Beretta Carbine CX4 Storm Left side

Overall Length:

Overall width:

Barrel length:

Overall Height:

Weight Unloaded:

Length of pull:


755-810 mm

63 mm

422,5 mm

190 mm

2570 gr

337 - 382 mm

In addition to the easy conversion from one caliber into another the Cx4 Storm carbine has an enormous operating advantage in being able to utilize the same magazines as the 92 and 8000 Cougar pistoi series. As well as the frame being made in semi matte black, the Cx4 Storm can be enriched with numerous accessories which render it even more practical for use by police force professionals. Side, top and bottom Picatinny rails (in addition to the standard extractable one found underneath the barrel), various types of vertical grips, flashlights, optic and Laser aiming systems, carrying sling, tactical gun sleeve and spare magazines with increased capacity are available on request
The blowback type locking system and the bolt safety ensure reliability, great stability and precision in follow up shots. In addition to the push button manual safety, the automatic firing pin block prevents movement until the trigger is fully pulled. Should the carbine be dropped or struck against an object, the bolt safety will not allow the bolt to cycle and a further device blocks the hammer from disengaging. A chamber loaded indicator can be found on the ejector The 16.6" (422.5 mm), cold hammer forged (rifling included), Ni, Cr, Mo steeI barrel is chrome lined for maximum corrosion resistance and increased barrel life. The front sight is fully adjustable for wind age and elevation while the rear sight has long and short range apertures (50 and 100 m). Both sights may be folded down when optics are used.
Beretta Carbine CX4 in action 2
  Beretta Carbine CX4 Barrel shroud  


9x19mm, 40 S&W and 45 ACP The wide choice of calibers makes the new Beretta Cx4 Storm a suitable firearm for multiple tasks. Hard mounting points allow the addition of various accessories, including side, top and bottom "Picatinny" rails. These will accept optics, tactical lights. lasers and vertical grips. One side rail included.


<click to download >

(Cx4 Storm Top Rail Instructions.pdf)

Front post sight is adjustable for windage and elevation, while the rear ghost ring sight has long and short-range apertures. Both sights are protected by rugged "ears" and may be folded down when optics are used.

Once again, Beretta teamed with internationally renowned Giugiaro Design to study the ergonomics and style the firearm. Rounded forms are snag-free, modern and innovative. Rubber stock comb provides a comfortable rest for the cheek. Magazine is inside the grip, protected from impact and the environment.
Controls are very similar to those found on our popular 92FS pistols, so most shooters will be immediately familiar with the operation of this firearm.
Length of pull can be lengthened in .6" increments, from 13¼" to 15" by adding one to three stock spacers (one provided).  
Field stripping can be done simply and quickly without any tools. High strength techno polymers were used to reduce the weight, increase corrosion resistance, eliminate problems associated with metal finish wear, and achieve an affordable price.
Cross-bolt safety, magazine button and bolt-handle are easily reversible for right or left-hand use. Even the ejection can be switched from right to left and back without the need of tools or additional components. Firing pin and hammer block prevents movement of these critical components until the trigger is pulled, and a bolt safety will not allow the bolt to cycle should the carbine be dropped or struck against an object.
  Beretta Carbine CX4 front grip
Multiple sling attachment points allow a multitude of carry options. Retractable forward accessory rail extends out from the fore-end, allowing quick mounting of tactical light or laser unit.
  Beretta Carbine CX4 spare parts drawing  
  Beretta Carbine CX4 in action 1 Beretta Carbine CX4 in action 3

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