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Beretta Web - Beretta Pistol model 92FS Ghost

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l. OpenSlide Design. Open top slide virtually eliminates jamming or stove piping. Allows the user to load the chamber one cartridge at a time should the magazine be lost or damaged.
2. Ambidextrous Manual Safety. Easily accessible by the thumb of a right or left handed shooter, It is spring loaded so its either positively "on" or positively "off." The safety lever on the slide also functions as the pistol's decoking lever. When pushed down, the rear part of the firing pin (striker) is rotated out of alignment with the frant part of the firing pin. (Does not apply to D Model)
3. Automatic Firing Pin Block. The front part of the firing pin is blocked from any forward movement until the trigger is pulled completely back. Even if the pistol falis and strikes the ground, muzzle‑down, the firing pin will not strike the primer.
4. Sure, Firm Grip. The front and back of the grip ere grooved, and the grip frame is flared slightly at the base to enhance printability and control
5. Great Fire Capacity. 15 rounds in the magazine (9mm x 19) plus one in the chamber deliver the safe fire capacity the user can depend on.
6. Reversible Magazine Release Button. Positioned next to the trigger guard for either right or left handed shooters. Allows rapid reloading. Magazine drops clear when released.
7. Light Aluminum Frame with Combat‑style Trigger Guard. The trigger guard is squared off and grooved for a firm grip using one or two hands, even when wearing gloves.
8. Double and Single Action. 92 FS pistol fire double action on the first round and single action on the subsequent rounds. The longer, heavier trigger pull of the double action makes inadvertent discharge less likely, while the lighter, shorter single action trigger pull allows faster, more precise discharge of subsequent rounds. DS and D models fire in the double action mode only.
9. Disassembly Latch. Conveniently located to simplify field stripping and maintenance, the latch makes the 92 FS one of the easiest guns to disassemble.

10. No Glare Finish. Beretta's exclusive Bruniton non reflective matte black finish is a superior corrosion resistant coating

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