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 Beretta 92S 9mm: safety lever moved on slide

Beretta Pistol Model 92S Beretta Pistol Model 92S  trigger 15+1

Beretta Pistol Model 92S  maga

A) Sicura manuale con dispositivo di abbattimento dei cane
Manual safety with hammer releasing device
B) Bottone sgancio caricatore
Magazine release button
C) Leva arresto otturatore
Slide catch
D) Chiavistello di smontaggio
Disassembling latch
E) Pulsante chiavistello di smontaggio
Disassembling latch release button



It is well known that pistols have the following advantages o revolvers:
- higher lightness and shorter trigger pull
- higher precision
- higher muzzle velocity less maintenance needed
- higher rate of fire in rapid fire
- higher volume of fire.
The Beretta Pistol Model 92S has also the following characteristics:
DOUBLE ACTION: which offers the advantages of the revolver,
Furthermore, this system allows the possibility of a second quick
strike on the same ammunition in the rare instance of misfire which, in view of the high level of quality reached in ammunition today, can practically happen only because of the capsule. The repetition of percussion is sufficient to fire the round.
STAGGERED MAGAZINE: (holds 15 rounds). With the same length as a traditional magazine, it almost doubles the capacity of f ire.
CHAMBER LOADED INDICATOR: when there is a round in the
barrel the extractor protrudes laterally showing red. It is therefore possible to check visually (and, at night, to feel) whether there is a round in the barrel without having to retract the slide.
DISASSEMBLING DEVICE: extremely quick and simple. It is designed in such a way as to avoid casual or involuntary disassembly.
MANUAL SAFETY WITH HAMMER RELEASING DEVICE: it gives the advantage of enabling to release the hammer with the maximum safety when there is a round in the chamber.
BALLISTICS: although depending to a certain extent on the type and the quality of the ammunition and local atmospheric conditions, they are the optimum obtainable from a firearm of this size.
In normal conditions of use, the average velocity and corresponding kinetic energy of the ammunition fired from this firearm
are as follows: V 0.5 = 1280 f t/sec E 0.5 = 492 f t /lbs.
Beretta Pistol Model 92S  45

Technical features of mod. 92 S pistol
semiautomatico, a corto rinculo
System of operation
short recoil, semi-automatic
geometrica a blocco oscillante
Locking system
falling locking block driven
down to disengage the slide and
stop the barrel
esterno a doppia azione
exposed , double action
Cal ibro
9 mm. ParabeParabellum
9 mm.
mm. 217
8.54 in.
m m. 137
5.39 in.
mm. 37
1.45 in.
Peso (con caricatore vuoto)
gr. 975 circa
Weight (with empty niagazine)
about 34.50 ozs.
Lunghezza canna
m m. 125
Barrei length
4.92 i n.
Rigatura canna
6 righe destrorse (passo mm. 250)
R.H., 6 grooves (pitch about 10 in.)
a lama, integrale con la culatta
Front sight
biade, integrai with slide
Tacca di mira
incastrata nella culatta
Rear sight
notcbed bar, dovetailed to slide
Lunghezza linea di mira
m m. 155
Sighting line
6.10 in.
a) Sicura manuale sul carrello otturatore
che sottrae il percussore dall'azione
dei cane, abbatte il cane e
interrompe il collegamento dei
grilletto con il gruppo scatto.
Manual safety ori slide which
disengages the firing pin from the
hammer action, releases the hammer
and breaks the connection between
the trigger and the sear.
bifilare, contenente 15 cartucce
staggered, 15 shot
rimane aperto dopo l'ultimo colpo
hold operi upon firing of last cartridge
parti in acciaio: brunite; parti
in lega: ossidate anodicamente
steel components: blued; light alloy
components: anodized
in plastica, oppure, a richiesta,
in legno di noce
plastic grips or, ori request,
walnut grips




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