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Beretta SO2 - SO3 - SO3EL - SO3EELL

Regal Over and Under SO Series


Mod. S 0 3 EL

In addition to the deluxe features of the S 0 3 model, the S 0 3 EL offers the added advantage of the detachable side locks, simple screw takedown, no tool required. Matted hand knurled ventilated rib. Elaborately engraved. Walnut stock and forearm selected from premier grade wood, superbly cut and finished. 12 gauge only.


Mod. S 0 3 EE LL

The same as above but Exhibition Grade. Golden Crown inlaid into the top lever. Pins and triggers gold plated. Ivory bead front sight. This is a supreme quality classic shotgun that is of utter desirability. Beautiful beyond description. 12 gauge only.