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Beretta mod. LARAMIE

After the huge success with the Stampede revolver, Beretta is now introducing the new Laramie single action revolver. Its main feature is the break open loading and unloading system and the top locking device. While keeping in mind the aesthetic and design of the late 1800's American Western Single Action revolver, this model features an ingenious, innovative safety system and uses modern technologies and materials, guaranteeing a lifetime of safety and performance.

The new Beretta Laramie revolver is equipped with an automatic safety on the hammer consisting of a sliding bar. After each shot, this bar automatically positions itself between the hammer and the frame, preventing any kind of accidental firing. Also at the same time, the bar blocks the barrel releasing device and the rotation of the cylinder The revolver can be transported with complete safety when the hammer is in half cock notch: in this position the cylinder is free to rotate and the barrel can be opened for loading or unloading operations.