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THE BERETTA ' 70 ' Series


1 First remove magazine, then draw the slide back for a look into the chamber and check that it is
empty. (Cock hammer first to facilitate backward movement of slide)
To remove magazine, keep push button magazine release pressed down until the magazine is fully
out. Reassemble in reverse order.

2 Hold pistol in left hand (tap muzzle against a wooden surface to loosen barrel). Push slide back with right hand till notch on the lower edge of the right side of the slide is opposite the slide lock. With left thumb rotate matted button of slide lock counterclockwise. (Fig. 2).
3 The slide is thus released and permitted to come forward, on the front.
4 To remove barrel, release recoil spring guide with its spring, pushing it slightly forward to disengage from notch in the slide. (Be careful since the recoil spring is tightened). Proceed as shown in figure 4.

Reassemble in reverse order